Tobias and the Bear on the loose! | Tobias & the Bear for baby leggings, tops and bedding


Tobias and the Bear on the loose!

Just look at those legs go! If you were in East London this week and spotted a flash of foxes or a flurry of arrows then you were witness to the first sighting of our fab new printed baby leggings. We chose Spitalfields as the location for the shoot and who better to model the collection than the real life Tobias and the Bear. Let's just say the boys had a blast running wild for the day and we certainly hit our exercise quota chasing after them. 

There are four prints for launch but we'll be adding more soon so check back or sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you in the loop.

We'd like to thank our friends at for supplying Toby and Arlo's gorgeous Salt-Water sandals for the shoot.