How to take the perfect baby pic

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How often do you take a photo of your kids? We bet it’s daily, and if you have a new baby you’re probably snapping away constantly, keen to record all those milestones, capturing new expressions and saving memories. Photos have become SO important to us – they've become a kind of currency for our emotions - and we want to savour not just the big occasions but the everyday too. Let's be honest, there aren't many of us who can resist a little Instagram scroll. So. Much. Inspiration.
So whether you choose to share your pics or keep them private we thought it would be great ask three of the people behind some of those amazing accounts to share their 3 tops tips on how to take a great baby pic. Cameras at the ready!

Super cool shots with Lydia Rowl


If you scan Lydia’s Instagram page you’re faced with a rainbow of colour, bundles of fun and so much personality you’d like to dive right into the screen. She says that her main advice “is to prepare your photos - think about where, when and what you want to capture. I usually snap my kids first thing when they are full of energy (not covered in food/sick and/or grumpy) The light is usually better too!” Her other top tips are…

Tip 1: A clear background

A well ironed white sheet works well. Nice and flat with plenty of space around baby - avoid sofas!

Tip 2: Snooze or lose!

Dress your baby and prepare the scene BEFORE you feed/settle them to sleep. Then gently place your sleeping baby on scene and snap. If they wake up, don’t stress - try again the next day. 

Tip 3: Use props

I love flowers. But think seasonal - flowers in spring, sunglasses in summer, leaves in autumn etc.
Most importantly make it FUN! I love to create images that make me, and hopefully others, smile. Happy snapping!


Dreamy baby pics with Melly Pook


Melly Pook
Melly’s tonal pics have a gloriously cosy but lovely bright feel to them. She says that the main thing when photographing a baby “is to make sure they are happy, fed and nappy changed before starting. I love a sleepy photo so making sure they are super comfy is really important.” Her other tips are:  

Tip 1: Natural Light

I love photographing using natural light especially indoors so often make sure that we are near a window or in particular I photograph next to our bifold back doors so the whole area has natural light flowing through.

Tip 2: Add texture

I often create an idea in my head of how I would like an image to look before starting so will make sure I have everything to hand. I love texture so you’ll often see blankets, muslins, comforters in my photographs as I like the contrast between different fabrics.

Tip 3: Equipment

I often use my iPhone to take photos as it’s easy and great at capturing candid in the moment type photos but coming from a photographic background I love using my Panasonic LUMIX, it’s small and compact but gives great quality.

Beautiful family shots with Brooke Campbell


We love Brooke’s beautifully natural pics. They feel like such an honest snapshot into her world which isn't a mood that's easy to get just right. It's no surprise then that she’s a great believer in using natural light saying that “this is a big one for me”… She also shares: 

Tip 1: Natural light

I find photos near a window or glass door etc come out so much nicer than any taken with low light or under unnatural lighting etc. This is especially important if you don’t know how to edit / lighten photos.

Tip 2: Think ahead…

Have everything you want to take in the shot(s) on hand, because babies aren’t the most patient of people.

Tip 3: Have fun with it

Don’t ‘force’ taking photos if your baby’s not ‘feeling’ it or is having a cranky moment - it’s way too stressful, it’s not enjoyable for bubs or you and you won’t end up with any good photos.

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