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There’s a tale behind each of our much-loved prints and we’d like to share them with you


You may not know this but Tobias & the Bear has evolved over the past (almost) seven years from a simple idea to create the perfect baby leggings to the multi-style, multi-print brand you see today – and each of these prints has been designed by us via a careful creative process. Nothing joins the crew unless we love it, if we think you’ll love it, and if it adds something special to the brand - think of it a bit like ‘if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in’ - but without any of the menace! And they all have a story behind them which we’re sure is why they feel like such an important part of TATB. Here are some of our much-loved favourites.



The story of the Fox

Our Just Call Me Fox print was the first we ever designed. Fox is the middle name of THE Tobias and as one of the inspirations behind the brand, a fox print was destiny. Little did we know how important it would become. Several years on, this original illustration has become our icon and a symbol of the playfulness of TATB. We love his bold but cute nature and we’re constantly working on new ways to bring more Fox into our lives. He’s always been a zingy shade of clementine but we’ve recently been working on a softer hued playmate, so look out for Fox & Co who is joining us REALLY soon!



The story of the Bear

Originally created for Arlo Bear, one of our boys and inspirations behind the brand, our Bear print has evolved into the much-loved character behind our cutest collection of mix and match pieces. We currently have Blush Bear, Charcoal Bear and Sage Bear so you can go full-on co-ord or play around with different combinations – a great way to build a little wardrobe. He’s become a favourite for new babies and gifting too and we feel privileged to have seen so many of the littlest of our customers  wearing the Bear. We have big plans for him too. We know his legacy will be long.


The story of the Fawn

Have you ever kept seeing something unexpected and felt like it was a sign? When deer were frequently spotted during the third pregnancy of our co-founder – pretty unexpected sightings for someone based in London - we knew a fawn had to join the Tobias & the Bear world. This adorable doe-eyed print is in celebration of all those new arrivals. It’s a perfectly dreamy design for newborns.


The story of Cub

Designed back in 2015 for all the little cubs out there, Cub was our first ever slogan. Over the last few years, it’s become the shared nickname of a generation and we like to think we had a little something to do with that. We’re in awe of the times our Cub romper has been used as a backdrop to a new baby announcement, complete with scan pic. Needless to say, we love it as much now as we did then.


The story of Wild

Wild things, you make our heart sing! Created in honour of all those wild ones – you know, the kids with all the crazy character, the ones that might drive us a little bonkers sometimes but they really shine too and we love that! - our Wild print is for all those free spirits. It’s one of the prints that we’ve taken from baby right up to 6 years too so it’s perfect for a little sibling styling.  


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