The TATB Parent Club: Musings, tips and chat from our customers and friends

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Issue 1: Thoughts on Motherhood

We love the TATB community – seeing and sharing your pics and hearing your stories is a big part of our brand, so what better way to celebrate this than by giving them a spotlight on our blog. In this first edition we have a Mother’s Day musing - a pretty perfect way to kickstart the series. So to acknowledge the many things mum’s think, feel and deal with (during this year, the year of all years!) we asked some of our lovely friends and customers to share some of their thoughts on what it means to be a mum.


Mirlah Richardson


"Second time around I feel much more confident but make no mistake I’m still winging it everyday. I absolutely love being a mother of two, I’m exhausted most of the time but watching their bond grow makes my heart burst and then on the flip side I have to say things like... ‘Stop licking your sister please!’"


Sarah Griggs


"To me motherhood is my most important role in life. It's been a huge learning curve, sometimes exhausting, inspiring, emotional and funny. Educating them to be kind, compassionate and inquisitive about the nature world is a fun journey to be on."


Trace Wilson


"Being a mom means living a life full of joy, laughter, tears, and messes. It means you can have the best days of your life, while simultaneously losing your mind. You are a professional snack dealer, owie kisser, and bum wiper. And you wouldn't trade it for anything!! Motherhood is my dream job!"


Brooke Campbell


"Sometimes as a mum you just need to vent about something... sleep (or lack of), feeding, development, house chores, the list goes on. What a lot of people don’t understand is sometimes that’s just it, it’s a vent. We don’t always want a ‘solution’... just an ear to listen. So next time a mumma friend is venting, let her go for it be empathetic and try to understand when it’s a call for advice and when it’s to blow off some steam. Sometimes that can mean all the difference in the world."


Nicola Thorpe


"What does motherhood mean to me? Sweet sticky chocolate kisses, warm soft sleepy limbs round your neck, little elbows in your back from overnight bed invaders, kitchen discos, movie nights, stories upon stories upon stories, dirty tootsies, bedtime negotiations, rainy school runs, ice cream in the middle of winter, plasters on grazed knees, endless back tickles, made up songs, ridiculous amounts of love... The hardest, most magical, exhausting, soul warming, guilt fuelled, rewarding job in the world. Now if only time could slow down a little!"


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